NOTE: Before organizing Fit Club Workout Events on your own, make sure (if possible) that you have
attended at least one Fit Club Workout Event in your area and that you feel physically AND
professionally ready to represent Team Beachbody® in a Fit Club Workout environment.

  • Learn how to get ready for your Fit Club Workouts.
  • Understand how to lead the weekly event to provide customer support, build relationships, and promote your Team Beachbody business.
  • See how to follow up naturally and effectively to achieve results.


Here’s where The fun—and business growth—can really take off. At your Fit Club Workouts, your Members and Guests will get to work out to Team Beachbody fitness programs with the support of you, their Coach.

They’ll connect with you and other Members and Guests who are all working toward similar goals. They’ll also learn more about the benefits of Shakeology® and other Team Beachbody products and find out how they can get these through you. You’ll help them understand how they can become Coaches and help others experience the same transformation in their lives.

Whether you start your own Fit Club Workouts or you team up with other Coaches in your area, these events can be some of the most dynamic ways to get your message out to customers and new prospects on a regular basis.

A Beachbody Coach Video Journal


One of the first steps is to attend (if possible) other Fit Club Workouts in your area— preferably more than once. This will help you see how the event flows, how to get people excited about Team Beachbody fitness programs, and how to incorporate retailing and recruiting messages naturally.

By now you’ve already held your grand opening Beachbody® Shake & Share™. Next you’ll want to set a date for your first Fit Club Workout. If you don’t feel quite ready (or you want to set a date for your first Fit Club Workout. If you don’t feel quite ready (or you prefer a team approach), then by all means work with other Coaches in your area.

Along with setting a launch date, it’s important to secure a consistent location for your Fit Club Workouts so you can hold them on a weekly basis from here on out. It can be your home, a room at the local recreation center, a common area in an apartment complex, a church, or leased hotel
space—whichever works best for you. (Be aware of any potential costs and/or insurance that some venues may require).

And of course—one of the most important steps—make sure you’ve invited as many people as you can to your Fit Club Workouts (friends, family, Guests, other Coaches on your team). Don’t think inviting will ensure attendance. Follow-­‐up is key. After making your initial phone calls, send reminders via Facebook®, Evite®, and/or Twitter®, and make reminder calls the day before to con-­‐ firm attendance. You can also create flyers in the Coach Online Office. In your invitation, stress the importance of being there a few minutes early.

Finally, check all the details to make sure you have everything on hand and you’re ready to go.

The following are items you’ll want to have on hand before each weekly Fit Club Workout. Check your supplies regularly so you don’t find yourself scrambling (or going without) at the last minute. And consider asking regulars to bring items, like ice, cups, or napkins—this can help them feel
personally invested in the event.

Item Purpose
TV and DVD player OR laptop with projector and screen/wall with sound capability large enough for the workout area

To play the Beachbody workout each week (make sure it’s large enough for the entire group to follow
along; be sure to pretest it each week to make sure it’s working properly). 

Intro to Fit Club Workout Video*

To play before the workout each week (includes preworkout “high-­‐energy” music to set the tone in the room, Fit Club Workout intro, legal information, disclaimers, etc.).

DVD: Your Beachbody fitness program for the week

Whether it’s P90X®, TurboFire®, INSANITY®, or others, make sure to vary the workout each week. Have your attendees help select the weekly workout. Always have a backup workout DVD just in case

Recommended: computer/laptop

To demonstrate log-­‐ins to the online SuperGym®, sign new guests up for free memberships, sign up new Coaches, etc.

Fitness waivers* (Enough for new guests each week)

Every attendee must sign a waiver—keep these on file for returning Guests/Members.

Fit Club Workout Sign-­‐In Sheets*

Have EVERYONE sign in (new Guests, Members, and Coaches).

Cash bag with change, pens, calculator, and receipts*

For selling products. Also, while attendance is FREE for Guests, you may want to charge a nominal fee for Coaches collaborating with you and bringing guests to the Fit Clubs.

Water To keep everyone hydrated.

Shakeology For sampling Shakeology during your post-­‐workout presentation and mingle.


For sampling Shakeology.

Any other ingredients for Shakeology recipe you’re using (e.g., milk, fruit, etc.)

For sampling Shakeology. (Optional: You can ask Members to bring extra ingredients.)

Optional: P90X® Peak Performance Protein Bars

Cut up in small sample sizes; place on napkins.

Optional: Results and Recovery Formula®

For sampling.

Small paper or plastic cups

for sampling Shakeology.


For sampling.

Table and tablecloth

For your Beachbody Sharing Tools display (see below).

* Available in the Sales and Marketing section of the Coach Online Office

Along with helping others get fit and building a supportive Team Beachbody community, one of the main objectives of your Fit Club Workouts is to retail and recruit.

To help you accomplish that, create a Beachbody Sharing Tools display each week. After you talk about your key messages (Beachbody fitness programs, Shakeology, Beachbody Nutritionals, Team Beachbody Club Membership, and the opportunity to become a Coach), you’ll have materials your prospects can browse, take, or purchase. While they’re noted as “optional” in the following table, Beachbody flyers are a cost-­‐effective, powerful way to communicate the advantages of Team Beachbody programs and products. Check out flyers and other Beachbody Sharing Tools at

DVD: “Beachbody Solution”

(10) 10 copies to give away to interested prospects.

DVD: “Shakeology: The Breakthrough” (10)

10 copies to give away to interested prospects.

CD: “Advice from 100 Doctors” (10)

10 copies to give away to interested prospects.

Product Catalogs (2 or 3)

2 or 3 copies for guests to browse.

Product Order Forms (10)*

10 copies for any guests interested in purchasing Shakeology, fitness programs, and other products

Coach Applications (10)*

10 copies to give to any guests interested in signing on as a Team Beachbody Coach.

Your business cards

To hand out to EVERYONE!

Your Contact List

To add referrals to.

Shakeology Recipe Cards (10+)

10 cards to give away to interested prospects.

Optional: Beachbody “Wear & Share” Apparel

Available for purchase.

Optional: Shakeology Single-­‐ Serves (10+)

10 samples or more available for purchase (individually or in multiples as a 1-­‐week supply) or to give away to interested parties.

Optional: P90X® Peak

Performance Protein Bars (10+) 10 bars or more available for purchase.

Optional: Flyers available at, including Shakeology, Team Beachbody Club Membership, INSANITY, TurboFire, RevAbs®, and P90X

To give away to interested prospects.

Optional: Fit Club Flyers*

To encourage attendees to bring new people next time with Fit Club Workout flyers.

Optional: Program Comparison Chart and Binder with Product Reference Guides

Print out the Program Comparison PDF and Product Reference Guides from the Coach Online Office and keep on hand in a 3-­‐ring binder.

* Available in the Sales and Marketing section of the Coach Online Office

Meet and Greet

Let’s say your Fit Club Workout is scheduled to start at 7:00 PM. Where are you at 6:30? At your location, with everything all set up. When do your attendees know they should arrive?
6:45! Why? Because half the fun of Fit Club Workout is what happens before, during your
Meet and Greet.

Get the energy up right away by having music playing as they arrive. (You can use the “music” section of the “Intro to Fit Club Workouts” DVD or bring your own stereo/MP3 player with your own playlists.)

Since you want to start the workout on time, you want to allow at least 10 or 15 minutes beforehand to have everyone sign in, catch up, and get situated. Make sure to talk to everyone as they come in, get to know your new Guests as they fill out their fitness waivers, help everyone feel comfortable, and get them ready to have fun!

Warm-­‐Up and Inspiration

Fit Club Workouts are EXCITING! They are full of ENERGY! They are where people come to feel part of a Team Beachbody community that’s supportive and motivated! Have fun creating this type of environment each week as you lead your workouts.

Obviously you’ll find your own style for what to say and how to say it, but the following is a
suggested outline to help you get started.

NOTE: Remember, for legal and ethical reasons, as a Team Beachbody Coach you are NOT to act as a personal trainer. Let the professional trainers on Beachbody fitness programs handle all of the instruction on proper form, modification, etc. You’re there to get everyone motivated, share the Beachbody message, and “be in the front row” during the workouts. Refer to Policies and Procedures, Section 3.33, for complete information.

SCRIPT: Welcome and Introduction
• Hi everyone! So glad you could make it to our Fit Club Workout today!
• Who’s ready to get sweaty? Who’s ready to work hard and feel good? Who’s ready to get their
body in Beachbody shape?
• That’s what I like to hear!
• Today we’re going to have a great workout led by Beachbody’s professional trainer [name].
• After our workout, we’re going to sample one of the most delicious things about Team
Beachbody—Shakeology—so you can see how sound nutrition and good taste come together!
• We’re also going to talk a little e about how Team Beachbody can make a difference in your life — whether that’s with Shakeology Home Direct, Beachbody Nutritionals, Beachbody workouts in your own home, or even becoming a Team BeachbodyCoach so you can help others change their lives.
• Most of all, we’re going to have fun.
• You’ll find Fit Club is one of the best ways to workout—we’re all here to just support each
other. With Beachbody, we’re kind of like family, all after the same goal: living a healthy,
fulfilling life.
• [If you have other Coaches or Members there who can give testimonials] In fact, we have a
couple Beachbody family members here who are experiencing a big transformation thanks to Beachbody. [Names], can you share your story?
• [Theyshare1-­‐or2-­‐minuteshortSuccessStories.]
• Thanks so much; I’m proud of you guys!
• I’d also like to recognize other Coaches who are here tonight [name any who are there]. If you have any questions at any time, talk to any one of us. Optional: Fit Club Workouts are always FREE for our Guests.
• Alright, let’s do this!
• I’m going to Push Play on this quick intro, and then right after that, we’ll start our workout!

Here Is a Sample Agenda for Your Fit Club Workout:

Time Activity
6:00 PM Set up
6:30 PM Doors open, music playing, registration tables set
6:45 PM Meet and Greet
7:00 PM Intro video, welcome, testimonials
7:15 PM Workout
8:15 PM Shakeology
8:30 PM Close meeting


Be sure to start each week with the “Intro to Fit Club Workout” video. While it may seem redundant, it states all the important (and necessary) legal information, which protects you from liability.

After you’ve played the “Intro to Fit Club Workout,” pop in the Beachbody fitness program you’ve selected for the week.

Make sure you have another Coach, a returning Member, or yourself following along with the modified version, making it easier for new Guests to follow along. As Tony Horton says, “Do your best and forget the rest.”

Keep the energy up throughout the workout with encouragement, cheers, laughter, etc. When the DVD’s trainer says to get water, encourage everyone to stay hydrated.


Successful Coaches know that one of the optimal times to connect with prospects is after the
workout. Don’t let your attendees get in the habit of rolling up their mats and heading for the
door. Instead, make the post-­‐workout time a fun, regular part of the event where they can learn more, mingle, and feel like they’re a part of something bigger.

SCRIPT: Post-­‐Workout Gathering

• Wow, nice work, everyone!
• What did you think about the [name of the workout] we just did?
• We’ve got to choose next week’s workout, it’s between [program] and [program]. Let’s have a vote; show of hands…
• Alright, [program]’s the winner! I want to see each of you here next week, and bring a friend.
Nothing like seeing someone you care about gasp for a little air, huh?
• We’ve got a whole week between now and the next Fit Club Workout, so what are you all going to do during the next week? That’s right, you’re going to workout—at least five more times, right?
• Is there anyone who doesn’t have a daily workout program? Talk to me after we’re done.
• I can help you order any of the Beachbody fitness programs. If you’re not sure which one you’d like to try first, over on the table I’ve got some “Beachbody Solution” DVDs that showcase the different workouts
• Also, working out is just part of the equation, isn’t it? It’s also about nutrition.
• In just a minute I’m going to head to the blender and make sure you all get some
• Shakeology is one of the best things Beachbody has ever done!
• It’s essentially a premium meal replacement shake filled with nature’s most health-­‐ boosting
ingredients, including real food sources of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, plus
protein and phytonutrients to help rebuild muscle, maximize cellular health, eliminate toxins, and keep blood sugar from spiking.
• We call it the Healthiest Meal of the Day® If you’re new to Shakeology, make sure to pick up
one of the CDs on the table, called “Advice from 100 Doctors.” Listen to it on the way home, and then let’s talk about how to get you going with Shakeology Home Direct.
• Basically you can get the Healthiest Meal of the Day delivered to your door on time every
• And what about the rest of your nutrition? Beachbody has an amazing line called
Beachbody Nutritionals—check out the catalogs for more info.
• Finally, along with working out and improving your nutrition, it helps to have support, expert advice, and some accountability.
• At, you get all of that. You can sign up tonight for a FREE membership, which gives you access to the online SuperGym®, which you’re going to hear about a lot from me, because I believe in it.
• Studies show that people who log their workouts are 3 to 4 times more likely to succeed with
their fitness goals than those who don’t write it down.
• So today’s workout? Log it in the Beachbody Online SuperGym!
• Tomorrow’s workout? Log it!
• And if you become a Team Beachbody Club Member, you get full access to every thing at Webinars, live chats with our celebrity trainers, Meal Plans, and more.
• Plus you get 10 percent off anything you purchase, like fitness programs, Shakeology, nutritionals, etc.
• So much more we could talk about, but I’m guessing you’re ready for some Shakeology, aren’t you?
• Let me just wrap things up by saying how glad I am you all came out. We’re looking for more Coaches to help us get more Fit Club Workouts going in the area. It’s a great way to stay fit, make some additional money, and help others transform theirlives, so if you’re interested, talk to me after. And you can also attend our next CoachOpportunity Meeting [date, time], which is a monthly meeting we hold to talk in-­‐depth about Beachbody programs and coaching.
• Come back next week, bring a friend I’ll keep in touch with you all on Facebook. If I don’t have your Facebook info, make sure to get it to me before you go.
• Now, are you ready? Let’s“ shake things up!”

NOTE: As everyone samples Shakeology and mingles, this is often when the real connecting,
retailing, and recruiting happens. People feel comfortable to ask questions one-­‐ on-­‐one, so
help make that happen. Engage with everyone individually, ask questions, and build relationships.

Also, have fun and keep your Guests/Members connected throughout the next week. Have friendly, business-­‐oriented competitions. For example: Everyone who logs into the online SuperGym at least three times over the coming week will be entered into a drawing for (whatever Team Beachbody product or Wear & Share you’d like to give).


With your Fit Club Workouts, you’re engaging your customers in a very real way. You’re not only exposing them to more Team Beachbody fitness programs and products, but you’re giving them a place to feel motivated, inspired, and connected. The journey toward healthy living can be daunting sometimes, and it’s always easier when you’re part of a supportive community. Congratulations—you’re now helping create that community!

Follow up with your Guests and Members in between Fit Club Workouts. Remember, your primary objective as a Coach is to help your customers “achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life.” Be genuine, remember what they’re focused on, what their hopes are, and what they enjoy about Team Beachbody.

Follow Up—Facebook

There are several ways to stay connected throughout the week. Here are a few examples, but feel free to find your own style.

Example #1: Nice turnout at our Fit Club Workout last night. You gotta love that Shaun T! It’s a crazy good workout! Be sure to log last night’s workout into the online SuperGym and track your progress this week. Remember, whoever logs at least three workouts this week could walk out with their own Beachbody T-­‐shirt next week!

Example #2: Good to see the regular crew and some new faces at our Fit Club Workout on Tuesday. Next Tuesday we’ll be doing RevAbs, so get ready to kick things up! Everyone who brings a new Guest will be entered into a drawing for a prize. The more Guests you bring, the more times you’ll be entered! See you Tuesday. We start at 7:00 PM sharp, so get here early so you’re registered and ready to go!

Follow Up—Email

Example #1: Thanks, (name), for coming to Fit Club Workout last night. It’s always great to see new faces. Hope you liked the workout and the sample of Shakeology. Would love to see you next week when we’re doing P90X. In the meantime, check out the online SuperGym and let me know how you like logging your workouts—no matter how much or little you do, it really helps to keep track. See you next week! Can’t wait to hear how your workouts went in between. If you enjoyed it, invite someone else to come along with you next week!

Example #2: So glad you made it to Fit Club on Wednesday. Next week I’ll be mixing it up with some new Shakeology recipes, so before you come back next week, take a peek at “Shakeology Breakthrough” online. Also, think about becoming a Team Beachbody Club Member. You’ll get 10 percent discounts and full access to all the resources online, live chats with the professional trainers, and more.

Follow Up—Phone

COACH: It’s been great seeing you at Fit Club Workouts the past few weeks. How are you liking it?

GUEST: It’s been good. I’m not usually consistent with my workouts, so it’s keeping me motivated at least once a week.

COACH: Trust me, I know how hard it is to get going with regular workouts. Until I found Team Beachbody, I was all over the map. That’s what I’ve loved about it, and what I enjoy about being a Coach—helping everyone finally get where they want to be. Next week’s workout is going to be TurboFire, have you tried that one yet?

GUEST: No, but it sounds good.

COACH: Next week when you come, I’ll give you a copy of the “Beachbody Solution” DVD. It shows you clips of all the different Team Beachbody programs so you can decide which one you’d like to get. You’re going to really start seeing results once you’re working out at home in between our weekly Fit Club Workouts.

GUEST: Cool, yeah, I’m liking the different workouts at Fit Club, just not sure what I want to do yet.

COACH: Well, this will help you decide. And keep it up with the Shakeology once a day—are you liking that?

GUEST: Yep, I’m almost done with my first round.

COACH: Almost time to reorder? Let’s look at hooking you up with Shakeology Home Direct. You’ll get your order on time every month. If you’re a Beachbody Club Member, you can even get 10 percent off Shakeology, fitness programs, and Beachbody Nutritionals—plusfull access to all the resources online.

GUEST: Okay, I’ll think about it…

COACH: Great, I’ll just touch base with you at Fit Club—we can even get you signed up that night if you’re ready. In the meantime, check out some of the videos at—your free membership will let you see quite a few—and be sure to log in any workouts in the online SuperGym. See you next week!

GUEST: Thanks, see you then.

COACH TOOL (Go to the Coach online office for the following:)

• Promote your Fit Club Workouts with Fit Club Flyer.
• Be an expert in Beachbody’s most popular fitness programs—check out the complete Product
Training Guides and the fitness Program Comparison Chart.
• Order your Beachbody Sharing Tools for your table display.

Fit Club Workouts are one of your most dynamic opportunities to build relationships and build your business. As with all things Team Beachbody, make the event genuine, fun, motivating, and uplifting. Connect with everyone. Foster a spirit of teamwork with other Coaches and maintain high ethical standards when it comes to dividing retailing and recruiting leads. In a no-­‐pressure way, use Fit Club Workouts as a springboard for retailing Beachbody programs, products, and your Coach Opportunity Meeting Events. Above all, have a blast helping a growing number of people each week stay motivated to reach their healthy-­‐living goals!
All trademarks, products, and service names are the property of their respective owners. © 2011 Beachbody, LLC. All rights reserved.

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